Schleich is a well-known German company founded in 1935 and now famous for their authentically designed figures. The first figurines ever released—which include The Smurfs and Snoopy—were breakthrough designs which solidified Schleich’s popularity for quality figures.

In the 1980’s, animal species were added to a growing list and are now extremely popular, especially with animal lovers. Schleich also offers Elfen, knights, dinosaurs, domestic pets and an American frontier theme, with accessories including trees, fences, trailers, and wagons.

We offer a large selection of Schleich figurines including classic Smurf characters and houses, knights, dinosaurs, and a huge array of animals from every continent. They are very realistically detailed and great for enriching play of all kinds, the more creative the better! They are durable and long-lasting, can be used both indoors and out, and clean easily.

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