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There are several beautiful doll houses available from PlanToys:

Clockwise from top left: Green Dollhouse w/ Furniture, Chalet Dollhouse w/Furniture, Terrace Dollhouse, and the Tote & Go Play House.

There are several beautiful PlanToys dollhouses available at Turtle Pond Toys. Made responsibly in Thailand with natural, preservative-free rubberwood, these dollhouses are made with preservative-free ruberwood, creating a completely organic wood ensuring that toys are completely non-toxic. Combine this with the use of water-based dyes, inks, and organic glues each of these toys are completely safe, durable, and good for the environment.

PlanToys Chalet, Take-Along Playhouse, Green Dollhouse with Furniture, and the Terrrace Dollhouse are each unique, and each offer a wonderful way to expand a child's imagination. We also carry PlanToys families, furniture and accessories that are ideal for any one of the homes available.


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