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PlanToys at Turtle Pond Toys


The Punch and Drop pounding game, Miracle Pounding, Shape & Sort It Out, Solid Drum and Musical Band are only a few of the many skilfully crafted wooden toys available from the PlanPreschool line offered at Turtle Pond Toys.  Pull along and push along toys like the Dancing Alligator, Pull Along Snail and Push Along Duck delight and thrill little ones aged 1.5yrs+.  Going forth from 2yrs+ many more skills ripen with a range of balancing games, shoe tying, bead lacing, imaginative play items and matching games, all thoughtfully crafted.  For ages three and up, a whole new world is opened up by PlanToys with a variety of innovative toys.



Imagination, education and entertainment headline each of the unique toys representing the PlanActivity line.  Exceptonally made wooden rocking horses, wooden trikes and ride-on cars are just the beginning.  Focusing on imagination through play, the wooden vegetable set, cooking utensils set and breakfast menu create the chance to "cook" and "serve meals", just like Mom or Dad.



PlanCity is yet another great line of specifically themed products offered by PlanToys.  A wide array of urban-geared objects offer the opportunty to build an entire city -- small or big -- with the numerous accessories featured in the PlanCity line.  The parking garage hosts cars, trucks and people while the service vhicles, including cargo and logging trucks, a crane set and construction vehicles, are particular favourites with boys.  The Airport, City Gas Station and network of road systems completes the inspiring and fun collection.



Plan Dollhouse offers an avenue for children to create their own unique worlds with wooden miniature houses decorated with miniature furniture.  The dollhouse fosters organizational skills and offers insight into social and family relationships.  Accessories include everything from kitchen, bathroom and living decor to household accessories and more.  Branching off the PlanDollhouse are the Country Barn, Farmhouse and more, creating even more plan scenarios for kids.

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