An Intro to the Only Hearts Club Dolls

Only%20Hearts%20Club%20dolls%20on%20couch.jpgYes, there is an alternative to Bratz Dolls and Barbies! The Only Hearts Club Dolls look and dress like real girls, and they are both wholesome and fashionable. The brand is based on six bright and energetic young girls, Taylor Angelique, Karina Grace, Olivia Hope, Briana Joy, Lily Rose and Anna Sophia, who live in the same community and have formed the Only Hearts Club with a pledge to one another to listen to their hearts and treat each other with respect. The personalities and interests are developed further in a series of Only Hearts Club books

There is lots of great clothing available, from fashion-itemed to hobby/career-themed (eg. veterinarian, soccer, chef, ballet) to fantasy-themed (eg. princess, rock star).