There's just so many things to love about LEGO! We love LEGO and we know you and your kids do too! It's fun to watch kids browse through the LEGO section and check out all the sets available. (lots of excited exclamations happen in this section). There really is a pretty diverse and timeless collection. We carry LEGO for ages toddler through 14+, easy building sets to exciting & complicated collections. Another great thing about LEGO is it suits almost any budget - sets can be found from smaller and low-priced to huge boxes with thousands of pieces. Come on in and check out our LEGO collection!

Lego Minecraft is one of those perfect themes. The two come together to create some of the best Lego sets of all time. The Lego Minecraft Micro World set is easily one of the best selling Lego sets of last year. Often selling out of stock once the set had been replenished. Lego has noticed, and has been continually “reprinting” the original Minecraft set.

Now Lego has officially released new sets in the Minecraft theme. Making this the first CUUSOO project to graduate into a full theme.

The new Lego Minecraft: The Village, and the original Lego Minecraft: Micro World, are available at Turtle Pond Toys.

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5 Benefits of LEGO Play for Children with Autism

 Dissecting the top 5 benefits of LEGO for children with autism;

1. Works Off Existing Strengths
A great aspect of LEGO is the ability to work off existing strengths. This is a way to encourage children to be more comfortable, conquering challenges arising throughout a play period. With step-by-step instructions and problem-solving at the heart of building with LEGO, many children begin in a genuine comfort zone.

2. Social Interactions Fostered
By utilizing LEGO as a type of play therapy, emphasis is placed on social interaction. Though one train of thought is focus is so tight on the LEGO activity they close themselves off, studies present a different angle. When working with LEGO in a group environment, autistic children tend to exhibit increased social contact initiated on their own.

3. LEGO is Just Plain Appealing!
Have you ever met a child who doesn’t like LEGO? Most kids need little persuasion to start playing with LEGO. Most importantly it’s fun. It’s also a challenge offering many rewards. To open lines of communication, engaging a child is essential (one of the steadfast guidelines in play-based intervention). LEGO is so naturally appealing, overcoming other obstacles throughout playtime is more easily overcome.

4. Fine Motor Skills Develop
Children with autism often exhibit issues with fine motor skills. While drawing and colouring can be a wise choice, many are not interested enough. With the aforementioned natural appeal, focusing on LEGO creations improves fine motor skills overall by handling small pieces eventually leading to improved dexterity, sometimes at an excelled rate.

5. Challenges Weaknesses Clandestinely
With strong skills at the activity’s most basic elements, children are often better adjusted, both physically and psychologically, creating a comfortable zone for engaging in behaviours that might otherwise be difficult; socialization, creativity, and imaginative play. A child may imagine what a LEGO project looks like during the in-between stages of building. Such spontaneous imaginative play is both valuable and rewarding for both child and parent.

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