There's just so many things to love about LEGO! We love LEGO and we know you and your kids do too! It's fun to watch kids browse through the LEGO section and check out all the sets available. (lots of excited exclamations happen in this section). There really is a pretty diverse and timeless collection. We carry LEGO for ages toddler through 14+, easy building sets to exciting & complicated collections. Another great thing about LEGO is it suits almost any budget - sets can be found from smaller and low-priced to huge boxes with thousands of pieces. Come on in and check out our LEGO collection!



Star Wars LEGO Microfighters

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters are part of the LEGO Star Wars collection. Each of the six sets includes a mini vehicle and a minifigure (with a completely new Han Solo figure in the Millennium Falcon Microfighter set.) This Star Wars line up gives us an update on clone troopers (9 new in total) and vehicles from the prequels.

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LEGO Movie Building Sets














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Bright & Bold DUPLO LEGO Sets!

From sets for the Foodie in your little one, to fun farm and animal sets, this year’s DUPLO LEGO is all about being inspired to create and build with new, unique, and colourful pieces.

DUPLO sets include: Creative Ice Cream, Big Farm, Toddler Build & Boat Fun, Creative Picnic, & Creative Animals.

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LEGO has released its limited-edition Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine set, and we are happy to confirm it’s exactly the sort of nostalgia overload for which you were hoping.

The kit is beautifully made and presented, with a wealth of unique parts, details, fixtures and innovative construction techniques.

Taking about an hour or so to build, like the best Lego kits it reveals itself slowly over time, not fully coming into view until the final brick is in place. It’s also presented alongside a lovely heavy-paper book, with words from the kit’CuuSoo creators, the Lego engineers who took it to production and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.



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