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Kettler Balance Bike is Easy as 1-2-3

For many, Kettler’s German-made Balance Bike is the perfect intermediary between a tricycle and a bicycle. We all know that training wheels don’t help a kid ride a bike. They just make them feel as though they are riding it. Once the trainers are off, it’s yet another process of learning and practicing. We all have this notion that before we ride a bike, we must also learn how to ride a tricycle, and while that may have been true many years back, today there are definitely some fun alternatives to tricycles which are proving to offer many kids exactly what they need to get going. Do we all have to start with a tricycle? Where some kids wither on a tricycle, they just might flourish on a balance bike. It might be slow and steady to start, but once the notion of balance is discovered and honed, it’s off like a rocket!

The Kettler Balance Bike is a small bicycle suitable for kids ages 2+. It has many advantages, the main one being there are no pedals. A bike with no pedals? Yes, it is a great invention, and a long-standing European tradition. First off, Kettler has ensured little fingers don’t get stuck anywhere. The low-step frame design means no tripping and falling over bars when getting on and off. The seat is both padded and adjustable and there is a rear brake implemented from the handlebar that’s super-easy to use.
Limited turn radius also prevents falls. Plus, there is a tubular steel frame with a scratch-proof, rust-proof, non-toxic acrylic coating. Yes, that’s a mouthful! This spring, consider a bike that can make an incredible difference in your child's confidence and offer tons of fun at the same time. Available in four styles.

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