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German-based company Kettler earns continuous awards for high quality craftsmanship. With the highest standards in research and design, they create safe, comfortable and fun products. Most frames are high carbon steel with fade and rust resistant finishes, greatly maintaining value. Many models grow with your child with Quick-Adjust frames, customizable at any stage throughout recommended ages.

Kett Navigator Air


The Mercedes of tricycles is undoubtedly the Kettrike Air Navigator, for ages 1-6. With a 5-position step-thru S-frame, tubeless air tires, a rear bucket, and 3-in-1 auto-freewheel (pedal, coast, brake), specs are top-of-the-line. Limited turn radius, a 4-position highback seat and pushbar mean a safe and comfortable ride. Happy Navigator/Happy Princessin offer almost-identical benefits with MaxXtread synthetic tires and 4-position Quik-Adjust frames. All are tandem adaptable.


kettrike Oceana

Ideal for hesitant beginners ages 1-5, Kettrike Oceana has a pushbar,oversized, slip-resistant pedals, tandem connection and a convenient step-thru S-frame limiting falls. Add in limited-turn radius and a highback seat and kids can't feel more confident. Happy Surfer has handlebar-mounted storage, a pushbar, and a dual-wheel, rear handbrake that makes stopping extra easy.


Kettrike Alana

Looking for a tricycle with great features and a removeable, tipping rear bucket? The Kettrike Junior and Alana are a male/female duo for ages 1-6 with adjustable, telescoping frames, pushbars, and sturdy handholds on high-back seats. Each is also made with limited-turn radius and MaxXtread tires.



Kett Princessin Balance Bike

Skip a second transition

with a European-style Kettler Balance Bike

and teach co-ordination and balance without cumbersome pedals. Enjoy a padded saddle, anti-tipping technology, a rear handbrake, and low-setup frame for kids 

2-6 years. Scooters offer a wide variety of appeal too, and durability meant to last through several children. With an array of styles and price points, each model offers a long list of quality features.


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Kettler Balance Bike is Easy as 1-2-3

For many, Kettler’s German-made Balance Bike is the perfect intermediary between a tricycle and a bicycle. We all know that training wheels don’t help a kid ride a bike. They just make them feel as though they are riding it. Once the trainers are off, it’s yet another process of learning and practicing. We all have this notion that before we ride a bike, we must also learn how to ride a tricycle, and while that may have been true many years back, today there are definitely some fun alternatives to tricycles which are proving to offer many kids exactly what they need to get going. Do we all have to start with a tricycle? Where some kids wither on a tricycle, they just might flourish on a balance bike. It might be slow and steady to start, but once the notion of balance is discovered and honed, it’s off like a rocket!

The Kettler Balance Bike is a small bicycle suitable for kids ages 2+. It has many advantages, the main one being there are no pedals. A bike with no pedals? Yes, it is a great invention, and a long-standing European tradition. First off, Kettler has ensured little fingers don’t get stuck anywhere. The low-step frame design means no tripping and falling over bars when getting on and off. The seat is both padded and adjustable and there is a rear brake implemented from the handlebar that’s super-easy to use.
Limited turn radius also prevents falls. Plus, there is a tubular steel frame with a scratch-proof, rust-proof, non-toxic acrylic coating. Yes, that’s a mouthful! This spring, consider a bike that can make an incredible difference in your child's confidence and offer tons of fun at the same time. Available in four styles.

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Kettler Trikes, Bikes and Scooters


Kettler has been making bicycles and tricycles, as well as a host of other great products, for more than 40 years, and it shows.  All Kettler products are made in Germany with an intense focus on quality and workmanship.  Kettler bikes and trikes sit in a league of their own, we can assure you!  Our trikes and bikes have been putting smiles on the faces of children for years, especially the expandable styles accommodating growth changes so your child can squeeze every bit of fun out of their Kettler tricycle as possible!  The rust proof paint and anti-tipping design are more features we love.


With air-filled tires, precise, responsive braking systems, and many safety-geared accessories like bike bells and seatbelts, Kettler is designed to seamlessly incorporate safety, fun and a high-degree of quality into every single model.  The tricycle push-bar available makes it easy for a small child who’s not quite ready to peddle to ride the trike. There’s even a foot rest available for use with the tricycles.  Simply lock the wheel (which stops the pedals from moving) and let your child sit back, rest her feet and enjoy the ride! 

Little ones ages 2+ will enjoy years of play without any disappointment.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which model is best for your child and offer plenty of insight into what makes each model unique.  Any Kettler tricycle or bike is one hand-me-down no one will complain about getting!


Kettler models are easy to assemble and even easier to adjust – but don’t worry, we assemble every model we sell.  With eight tricycle styles to choose from, a variety of scooters, the popular Kettler Balance Bike (a transitional model designed to develop balance skills before moving on to a regular bicycle), and such a great warranty, there is no wonder why Kettler has enjoyed four long decades of success.

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