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 Quadrilla is a system of blocks, tracks and accessory pieces that allow the energy of a marble to travel in a make-your-own path. Beautiful Baltic wood tracks and a rainbow of colored blocks, each with a different function, are the starting point for endless contraptions for marbles to drop to a new level, go right or left, swirl in a funnel, or pour out of a teeter totter.

Quadrilla's versatile design allows the child to determine the marble's path and the options are endless. A logical, sturdy product where the process of building is as much fun as the process of playing.

As they twist, turn, and fly down the rails, see the marbles make their way along the paths built. They can be stopped or their direction changed. Marble runs can be very simple in design, or as complex as you can imagine and build. They can be designed and re-designed with few limitations and with special expansion sets, marble runs can keep evolving from your imagination. Choose between Basic, Twist, and Rail sets along with Sound Block extensions Sets, and extension sets for Basic and Try Me sets.

See two angles of the Quadrilla marble run on Youtube:

1.5 Meter Marble Run: Side View

Marble Run-Top Angle

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