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Fun Designs from Crocodile Creek

We've received a shipment of Crocodile Creek puzzles that feature some really fun and vibrant new designs! Ballerinas, Superheroes, Robots, and the new Pet Shop and Car Garage puzzles have been turning heads.

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We’ve recently received an extensive order from puzzle and game great Ravensburger. From 20-piece puzzles to options with thousands of pieces, Ravensburger puzzles offer a range of challenges for all ages. From simple but colourful and intriguing puzzles for toddlers, to intricate designs that provide the pro-puzzler with plenty of hurdles to overcome, Ravensburger is world-renowned for outstanding quality and for inspiring learning, creativity, and fun. A lengthy list of themes means a wide range of choice in innovative, high-value games and puzzles for the entire family.

Ravensburger games have been a family favourite for decades. In Jolly Octopus, players must try to quickly grab the colourful crabs with a pair of tongs but must avoid giggling Jolly’s ever-moving tentacles. With two speed settings, both beginners and advanced players will find this adorable game challenging and fun. Or try a hand at Labyrinth, Labyrinth: The Duel, and Labyrinth Jr., exciting family games full of strategy and change and ideal for many levels. Find out more about Ravensburger’s many awesome game selections here: Ravensburger Games