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Pandemic: A Cooperative Board Game


Pandemic is one of the most acclaimed cooperative games to be released. The premise of the game, for 2-4 players, is this: four different diseases have broken out around the world. Each is so deadly they threaten total annihilation of a specific region. Each player will take on the role of a specialist (medic, operations expert, dispatcher, researcher, or scientist). Unlike most board games where players are competing, Pandemic is a cooperative game where players work together for a solution. They’ll combine efforts to find cures to each of the diseases before reaching any game-losing conditions. There has been plenty of feedback on what a fantastic game this is!

Pandemic on the Brink is the first expansion offering new role cards and event cards, and rules for five players as well as optional challenges to increase the difficulty level.

Pandemic in the Lab is the second expansion for Pandemic. It includes a new game board that permits players to move the pawns in a laboratory. Finding cures for the diseases is still the goal but presented in a new way; scientist have to race to sequence the diseases, obtain samples, and test cures, all behind sealed up bio-hazard lab doors.