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LEGO Ideas....Birds!

Tom Poulsom & LEGO Birds


LEGO Ideas Birds has caused quite a commotion in our store and elsewhere! In a good way ofcourse. This brand new—and very unique set—comes from creator Tom Poulsom, who’s been building with bricks since he was five years old. This is just one example of the different creative sets built by fans to hit the shelves---and what a set it is! There's an excerpt below from an interview with Poulsom and how his idea came to us all in the new LEGO Ideas Birds building set.

“The majority of my creations have been replicas of man-made objects (cars, trucks and spaceships) I wanted to build something different, creating something to look organic seemed like a nice challenge.  I have always loved nature and being a tree surgeon and gardener I get a lot of inspiration from my job.  I was digging a vegetable patch one day and during a quick break I noticed a Robin land on my fork handle.  This was the inspiration behind "Bobby the Robin". I built him that evening and enjoyed building this bird so much that I decided to build some of my favorite birds from Europe. Once I had built seven birds I posted one a day on Flickr. They were a hit! I couldn't believe the attention I received.  A follower suggested I add the birds to LEGO Ideas and here I am now with an official LEGO set containing my Idea.”

Read the entire article on the LEGO Ideas blog here: http://bit.ly/18uYNZr


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