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Milk is one of those magic drinks, providing your body with nine essential nutrients, but to some, it might not taste very magical! Trying to get the proper amount of milk (lactose-free milk, soy, rice or other milk substitute) into kids -- and even adults-- can often be a tough challenge but not anymore! One of the coolest inventions around is available at Turtle Pond Toys;

The OFFICIAL Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws!

The innovative straws are safe: all flavors contain naturally flavoured beads. They’re also gluten and lactose free. Just dip into milk like any straw, take a long drink, and enjoy the rich flavor of strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream, or vanilla milkshake. Yum! The straws don’t need to be refrigerated either making them an easy item to pack and go. No more wondering if your child drank milk at lunch break!

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