Developmental toys offered by The Parents line for infants to toddlers and preschoolers are modern, stylish toys created with vibrancy and innovation. Whimsical, durable, and unique, toys from The Parents line stand apart, presenting kids with tactile and visual stimulation with elements that foster musical interest, encourage imagination, and stimulate role play.

Lucky Lady Bug Match-Up focuses on memory and a fun way to increase it. Wonderfully designed with little lady bugs and a bright back board, kids will love rolling the dice and finding the matching, colour-coded ladybugs, all easy to handle and re-insert in the board. The game offers a good opportunity to work on sharing and turn-taking. 2+

 Ready, Set, Go! Mini Cars are different than traditional cars. They are super-easy for little ones to push and pull, with chunky wooden bodies, and the rubber wheels add a really cool feel and drivability to each vehicle. These little cars definitely rev up play value. 12m+

Stow & Go Activity Cart has endless possibilities. Is it a walker? Is it a play center? Is it a push-cart? It's a bit of A & B & C combined. Sturdy, strong, and filled with activities built right in, kids will love the games but also the durable nylon pocket where they can store their valuables (most kids will have that filled up in a jiffy and keep it that way!). Walkers will benefit from the anti-tip braking function along with a sorter and chunky wooden shapes and bright bead bars.

 A hit with all little learners, Fun with Food ABC Blocks are covered in bright illustrations of correlating foods, beginning ith apples and ending with zucchinis. The food bag itself is something to oooh and aaah over, with an easy grip handle and plenty of space for all the blocks to be picked up and put away, instilling the value of cleaning toys up early. 12m+

Beat Bop Drum gives off surprisingly great sounds, and a multitude of them, so kids can learn the difference in tones.With a precisely designed drum top, kids can play with a drum stick or hands. Or both! The drum has a rubber, non-slip base, a carry handle, and a fabric slip to store the mallet.

Movers and shakers will get a kick (and a jump) out of some of our best action toys. Let's face it, sometimes there is a whole lot of hoopla we just need to get out of our systems! The Junior Maverick Pogo Stick is made for beginners ages 5-9 who want to master the art of pogo. The foam-covered metal frame, rubber tip,  extra-deep footpads and easy-grip handles create a sturdy and safe pogo stick for learning the ropes.

ALEX Ready, Steady Stilts are another way to reach great heights and have a high-flying time. These stilts are fully adjustable and have soft-grip handles. Balance begins with big foot trainers. Once a strong sense of balance is achieved, they are replaced with non-skid caps for stilt walking. These are ideal for kids 5+ and up to 110lbs.

Hop balls are a great way for kids to to blow off some steam and have fun at the same time. They're made from super-strong, latex-free vinyl for several weight categories. The safety handle makes this the best alternative for ball-bouncing action while promoting balance and coordination. Just sit, hold on, and hop!

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This is the kind of face you'll see when you turn on the Gentle Giraffe, Cloud Bs latest addition to their family of Twilight Turtles, Twilight Ladybugs, Mimicking Monkeys, and other sleep-inducing pals. She's equipped with sounds from the Serengeti-don't worry, no roaring lions here! The sounds are tranquil: Victoria Falls, Safari Trail, Safari Groove, and the well-loved Mother's Heartbeat. Features include push-button sound with volume control to adjust personally to your baby or child, sleep-timer options, and an illustrated Safari Story book. So far, Cloud B's sleep pals have garnered nothing but positive attention, proving they can be a wonderful addition to a child's nursery or bedroom.

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Bilibo (Bi-lee-bo) is an amazingly simple toy that can be reinvented into almost anything. How many toys are used for awhile and then tossed aside? Not Bilibo! This incredibly simple yet uniquely imaginative soft shell 'toy' can be used in so many different ways you'll truly be amazed. The beauty of Bilibo is that your child will use his or her innate creativity to discover dozens of uses for it. Outdoors or indoors, in sand, on land, or in water, Bilibo is versatile, fun, and encourages imagination like no other toy. How it is used depends on your child's age and unique interests. Bright colours and a soft round form stimulate intrinsic curiosity. Bilibo shells fit together to create a sphere, can be stacked, jumped on, sat in, spun, filled up, and emptied. Use it as a cradle, a drum, a spinner, a 3D puzzle, a water bowl and more. With Bilibo, no style of play is imposed and there are no limitations to what your child's imagination can create or do with it. The video below conveys the Bilibo concept perfectly.



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A to Z Magnatab:

An Ideal Tool for Early Penmanship

A to Z Magnatab is an innovative tool to help your child focus on writing letters correctly and consistently. Your child will eagerly trace each letter with the magnetic stylus just to hear and see the small metal balls snap to the surface to form each letter. To further develop a feel for each letter, lightly trace over them with the tip of a finger and the metal balls clatter back into the Magnatab base.  One stylish tactile tool with two modern approaches to teach young children how to write their alphabet.


Logo Whipple


Whipple is the amazing new craft creme that lets you become an amazing dessert designer and pastry chef! Whipple lets you create your very own original creme treats with the Whipple pastry bag, kit ingredients and easy instructions. Make twirls, swirls, and toppings for your Whipple Cupcakes, Ice Cream treats, Fruit Tarts and Creme Filled Creations. Then create key chains, necklaces, and other keepsakes with your original desserts. After crafting sweet treats and decorating them with included fruit, beads, and bling, they can be saved, worn or shared with family and friends.


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Mini golf is a great way to strengthen several skills while enjoying a great family-fun activity for all ages. Most junior golf sets are ideally made for both indoors and out so they can be enjoyed on those perfect spring and summer days or even a rainy day when you're looking for something fun to do indoors.

Early Years My 1st Golf Course
Your little one can start 'playing' golf as early as 10 months! My 1st Golf Course is perfect for mini golfers, with easy to grab and hold pieces. 5 plush golf pieces create the little set that offers reflective surfaces, textures, and sounds, all perfect for buiding hand-eye coordination skills. Squeeze and crinkle the golf club, take the flag apart, and explore different materials. The applause will roll in when baby rolls the ball in for a hole-in-one on the folding fairway!


ALEX Mini Golf
The mini golf set by ALEX is made for ages 3-6, fostering hand-eye coordination but best of all, offering tons of fun potential. Ideal for both indoors and out, the game comes in an on-the-go playset easy to pack and carry. The circus-theme adorning each of the holes makes them vibrant and appealing. The set includes 2 foam golf clubs, 4 balls, and 6 bright holes in a sturdy bag with a shoulder strap.

iPlay Going Golfing
International Playthings offers Going Golfing, an all-in-one playset for ages 5+ with 2 zippered compartments and a shoulder strap to easily carry the putter, drive, and iron. There are also three foam balls which makes playing indoors an option. This set is all your little sport will need to learn how to golf or just have fun trying!

For older kids interested in learning how to play golf, don't miss out on Kids Golf Free 2011, created by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada. The event happens at participating golf courses around the region between July 4th and 11th.

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Beautiful Blob Slime Lab
Make an assortment of drippy and bouncing, coloured and clear slimes and gels for all kinds of different effects! Aspiring scientists can explore and control a variety of catalyst reactions and polymers with this science kit. 10+


Magical Crystal Oasis
Amazing Crystal Lagoon and Krazy Krystals Lab kits are combined in a rich and unique exploration of Crystal Chemistry, a very popular science subject. There are dozens of activities to experiment with through many one-of-a-kind experiments. Make your own customized designs, creating multi-coloured coral gardens and crystal trees, and growing vibrant crystals on incredible floating rocks. 10+

Perfect Perfume Lab
Budding scientists explore emulsions, extractions, and pressure filtering while blending secret scented formulas. Perfect Perfume Lab makes a great final product that can be used or given as a gift. Make fun perfume-y slime, grow scented and coloured gel crystals, and much more with Perfect Perfume. 10+

Bath Bomb Factory
In the Bath Bomb project kit, girls create their very own aromatic bath bombs and special, scented effects. Explore and control a variety of chemical reactions, develop magic tricks and learn the properties of carbon dioxide. Believe it or not you can also make volcanoes and self-inflating balloons! 10+

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Crocodile Creek's plates, bowls, and divided plates let you pile mealtime foods on top of bold, colorful designs, revealing a picture when the section is eaten. The kid-friendly designs are created specifically to appeal to children ( but they're so cute parents love them too!)

Crocodile Creek’s dinnerware is so endearing, with many new designs to choose between and a great price point, but most importantly it conforms to all safety standards, offering Phthalate Free, BPA Free, PVC Free, and Lead Free products made from durable, kid-safe melamine that is top-rack dishwasher safe only. Top off a meal on one of these adorable plates with a Crocodile Creek place mat and/or bib for an all-around fun eating experience!

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