Every year about this time, as temperatures plummet, families come to the store in search of a new game to play over the winter.

We carry a huge selection of games at Turtle Pond.  Here's a sampling of some of our favourite games for young, old and in-between.  We're sure to have something to catch your fancy!

The Settlers of Catan

More than 15 million copies of The Settlers of Catan game series have been sold since first released in 1995. The prestigious Washington Post has dubbed it "the board game of our time."


In Settlers of Catan, each player assumes the role of a settler, attempting to build and develop their settlement while acquiring and trading resources. As their settlements grow, players are rewarded points. The first to reach a certain number wins. A favourite of young adults, this board game is highly recommended as a family game for children ages ten through adult and takes 60 to 90 minutes to play. One of its best group game features is that at no point throughout the game is any player eliminated.


Settlers of Catan Expansion Kits offer the chance to bump the game from three to four players to five and six players. These kits were first released for Settlers and Seafarers, one of many byproducts created since Settlers was released. As well as extra components to accommodate more players, the expansions add an extra building phase to the turn, so that players can participate in the game during each others' turns.



Carcassonne is a German-style board game designed for two players and named after the fortified medieval town of Carcassonne, France. It is designed for ages 8 to adult and has a roughly 45 minute play time.


Carcassonne is a tile-placement game where players draw and place a tile with a piece of southern French landscape on it. The tile might feature a city, a road, a cloister, grassland or some combination thereof, and it must be placed adjacent to tiles already played, so that cities are connected to cities, roads to roads, etc. Having placed a tile, the player can then decide to place one of his Meeples on one of the areas on it: on the city as a knight, on the road as a robber, on a cloister as a monk, or on the grass as a farmer. When that area is complete, that Meeple scores points for his owner.


Settlers vs Carcassonne: There are many differences and some similarities between the two games, but a key distinction is that Settlers is highly recommended as a four player game, while Carcassonne is an ideal two person board game (but it can also be expanded to accommodate up to five). Carcassonne is a little easier to pick up, but both are considered easy to learn.

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Potty Training Made Fun with Paul & Emma!

Let’s face it, potty training can be a real challenge (often for both parent and child) but childhood challenges like toilet training can be greatly impacted with realistic role play. Corolle’s Paul and Emma drink from their bottles and wet in their potties. Both are anatomically correct, making the transition that much easier to understand. These dolls can easily be the catalyst to a smooth, fun, learning experience--as long as the child is ready.

As parents, it becomes evident that a fun and interesting prop can go a long way when learning new skills. Paul and Emma have come highly recommended via several high-profile potty training experts, citing the stress relief that can often come with potty dolls; first take the time to “teach” Paul or Emma how to potty train with your child. Then shift the focus to your child and have them take their turn learning.

Both Paul and Emma are BPA, lead, and phthalate-free and very easy to clean. In fact they’re also perfect to take in the tub because of their all-vinyl bodies. Another high point of this role-play doll is it can be taken care of by a child, readying them for a new addition to the family. Two birds with one stone? Yes please!

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Puzzles Lovers Challenge; 500 & 1000-pc Wasgij puzzles! The image you see on the Wasgij box lid only provides the clues to the puzzle image! Originally, the box image was always the 'reaction' of the onlookers to the main event in the actual puzzle image, with other people and objects providing clues as to what is going on in the puzzle. Since inception, box lid images have evolved to scenes set in the past, snapshots of the event, and more!



Top Left Clockwise: Blooming Marvelous, Uproar at the Vets, Home Improvements, A Day to Remember

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 Deceptively Simple, Unbelievably FUN!

Many of you are already familiar with the PlasmaCar but for those of you with younger kids/grandkids, you have to come in and take a ride! It’s still only August - there’s plenty of great weather left to zip around on one of these legendary ride-ons.

The PlasmaCar is a riding toy that moves solely from your child’s energy. It works by moving the steering wheel from side to side. It uses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction to move. No peddling involved! The only thing necessary is a smooth, flat surface for the PlasmaCar to work properly. Once you have a little momentum built up you can steer in any direction you want. I am going to quote the product description because it really says it all;

“The PlasmaCar is a mechanical marvel that makes use of that most inexhaustible of energy sources, kid-power, by harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction.”

Seriously, who doesn’t want to harness all those natural forces? And it is sturdy – it has a 220 pound weight limit, so grown-ups can use it! I know one granddaughter/grandfather dup who can’t get enough-they each have their own! And it comes in a rainbow of colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, you name it!

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Manhattan Skwish Infant Mobile

The Manhattan Skwish Mobile is sure to become a favourite in nurseries. It can be tough choosing a mobile. Really tough! It’s something your baby will be gazing up at a lot and you want the impression to be as positive as possible. This mobile is based on a really successful, pre-released Manhattan baby toy called the Skwish, with a design based on a tetrahedral shape. The Skwish Mobile is a fun, bright luminary in the nursery perfect for captivating wee ones. It is visually entertaining and ideally stimulating for baby. It also attahces and detaches easily and is made from replenishable rubberwood in Thailand. Breathe a sig of relief. This one is a keeper!

 B. toys are truly a beacon of light on the toy aisle. This company makes high quality toys that will engage babies and toddlers in a variety of ways and that will grow with them.

B. Toys Sugar Chute 'Gumball Machine'
The Sugar Chute Gumball Machine is one of those toys a kid can hardly walk away from. This toy is all about fun and learning, starting with the bright colours, attractive design, and best of all, the endless cause-and-effect game. Colourful balls rattle and roll down the chute every time the lever is pressed, just like a real gumball machine-but don’t worry, there’s no candy here! Once dropped, the prize is easily within reach and ready to be tossed right back into the top to start all over again. There are also 3 different ways to get the balls out of the machine, which means that little ones can get a lot of great practice with fine motor skills. And again and again! Beautiful, recyclable, packaging transforms into a gift box that includes a gift tag. For ages 1 to 3 years.


B. Toys Alphaberry PDA
Every parent knows how much our kids love emulating us, especially with our electronics. Yet at certain ages, the last thing we want to do is give our pricey gadgets to our sons and daughters! In comes the B. Toys Alphaberry PDA, a thoughtful, original, and innovative new toy perfect for learning ABCs.

Fashioned like mom or dad’s Blackberry, the Alphaberry is easy to use; press any letter button and it’s read, clearly, out loud (no distortion). The screen can be changed to three different colours with a simple colour wheel and there are four musical ditties too, that are actually not unbearable to hear over and over. Besides, repetition in this case is a good thing, making learning letters easier by listening to catchy tunes and singing along. Smooth, rounded edges, volume control, and an auto-off round out the laudable features in this valuable and educational gadget. Ages 18 months to 5 years.

B. Toys Okideoke: "Anything worth saying is worth saying louder"
This dandy little microphone is a big hit with kids who love to sing or just hear their own voice! It comes with 8 pre-recorded tunes to sing along to. Kids can also control the tempo which is a nice little feature. Okideoke also makes it easy to record a song or message for playback. Ontop of all the fun stuff, Okideoke enhances auditory skills, develops fine motor skills and cultivates hand-eye coordination. 18 months+

Plan Toys: PlanCity Train Sets for Little Engineers

Simplify the toy train shopping experience with a PlanToys train set! For parents that might not have room for an elaborate train set, or prefer a less costly alternative, these small, simple train sets pack a big punch. And if down the road you want to expand, PlanToys makes that easy to do with extension sets, extra track, and accessories. Each of the three sets can also be connected to other PlanCity Road and Rail sets.

Breathe easy knowing all PlanCity train sets are made via Plan Toys commendable process out of preservative-free, recycled rubberwood and water-based dyes that are 100% child-friendly.


Oval Train Set

PlanCity Oval Train Set includes 10 train track pieces, 1 train, 2 bushes and 1 rail sign. This compact set can be connected to other PlanCity Road and Rail sets.


Figure 8 Train Set

PlanCity Figure 8 train Set includes 20 train track pieces, 1 train, 4 bushes and 2 rail signs. The intersection can also be configured as a straight track.


Deluxe Train Set

PlanCity Deluxe Train Set includes an intersection track (intersection can also be configured as a straight track), 36 train track pieces, 1 bridge, 1 classic train, 2 palm trees, 2 bushes and 2 rail signs.

Make Nutrition Easy with Balanced Day Lunch Kits!

Designed to meet the needs of the new Balanced Day school system in some Ontario schools, Balance Day Lunch Kits now meet a variety of needs and make packing up healthy snacks and meals much easier. From Ontario to Hollywood, these bags have made a big splash. 

 With many schools providing two nutrition breaks to ensure a healthy, balanced diet, Canadian Mompreneuer Kathi Blackweel from London, Ontario created a versatile and stylish lunch bag design that clearly shows which snack is for which break with each of the two sides marked with a  #1 and a #2 for morning and afternoon breaks. Make it a litterless lunch with Balanced Day Eco Packs and 300ml stainless steel water bottles that fit perfectly into all Balanced Day Lunch Bags.

Balanced Day Lunch Kits offers endless benefits, even if your child isn’t in school or part of a Balance Day school program. Pack hot items in one side and cold items on the other. Load one side with baby bottles and the other with baby food or dry snacks.  Place snacks in #1 and the meals in #2. Visit us at Turtle Pond Toys and choose from many great styles for boys and girls.

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ONe child loves chocolate, the other's favourite is vanilla, and Dad loves strawberry but there’s just not enough room in the freezer for all that ice cream! Solution: get fresh, delicious ice cream in individual servings with NEW Mugz Ice Cream Maker!

Three minutes is all it takes
to make rich, homemade, creamy ice cream with BATTERY-FREE Mugz Ice Cream. Just add ice, water, and salt ( not to eat but for the process to work!) and close up the mug with the aluminum plate included. Pour in your favourite ice cream mix, shake for three minutes and voila! Fresh, homemade ice cream in a single serving perfect for all kids.

Your ice cream flavour is entirely up to you: you can add rich, chocolately cookies, tart lemon and meringue, exotic fruits and more-you can even pour in a tasty fruit smoothie and create a frozen fruit slushie.

Mugz Ice Cream Makers are available in four styles: penguin, polar bear, dog, and seal, and at a great price, you’ll save on those tubs of ice cream and know your kids are getting a homemade frozen treat they made all by themselves. Kids love it so much–better get one for Mom and Dad too! Each Mugz Ice Cream Maker includes a spoon, mug, inner and cover lid, aluminum plate, and recipe booklet.



I Spy Wonder Tubes are the latest item in Briarpatch's I Spy riddle and puzzle game line, fascinating the young and the young minded alike!

They are the perfect take-along toy when there’s any waiting involved, whether in thegrocery store, airport, ir anywhere that patience is lean.

This 12-inch-long tube is filled with sand and glitter and floating I Spy pictures. Find the pictures to solve the riddle. Colors and riddles may vary. Ages 5 & up




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