The Rainbow Loom has arrived! We're pretty excited about this new and super-popular bracelet making kit! We also carry packages of extra bands in many different colours.

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2013 Playmobil Adventskalendars Are Here!!

New Scenes Include:

Pony Farm

Princess Wedding

Dino Expedition

Winter Wonderland

Treasure Cove


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New LEGO Sets Available Now!

New Star Wars sets in different sizes including Duel on Geonosis, 14s Stealth Starfighter, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer & the Republic Gunship. Chima character sets like

Chima buildable CHI-powered warriors like Cragger can combine to make an all-new one!

NEW Castle LEGO sets include the King's Castle, Dragon Mountain, The Gatehouse Raid & more.

Several super-fun new Friends LEGO sets like the Downtown Bakery & the Dolphin Cruiser are new to the collection.

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Back-to-School Backpacks, Lunchboxes, Water Bottles, & More!

Come in and check out our selection of Crocodile Creek's vibrant back-to-school and everyday products!

Back to school products include: water bottles, back packs, lunch boxes, ice packs, and sandwich holders. There are also lots of great new placemat and bib designs available.

We also have popular Insulated Freeze Its that keep lunch cold all day. They fold up for easy storage in the freezer and can pulled out and packed in the morning. one of our very favourites, Balance Day insulated lunch bags are in too. They have 2 separate compartments with zippers that are easy for kids to use and come in many great styles for both boys and girls. Come in and check them out; they go fast!


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Milk is one of those magic drinks, providing your body with nine essential nutrients, but to some, it might not taste very magical! Trying to get the proper amount of milk (lactose-free milk, soy, rice or other milk substitute) into kids -- and even adults-- can often be a tough challenge but not anymore! One of the coolest inventions around is available at Turtle Pond Toys;

The OFFICIAL Got Milk? Magic Milk Straws!

The innovative straws are safe: all flavors contain naturally flavoured beads. They’re also gluten and lactose free. Just dip into milk like any straw, take a long drink, and enjoy the rich flavor of strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream, or vanilla milkshake. Yum! The straws don’t need to be refrigerated either making them an easy item to pack and go. No more wondering if your child drank milk at lunch break!

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 Quadrilla is a system of blocks, tracks and accessory pieces that allow the energy of a marble to travel in a make-your-own path. Beautiful Baltic wood tracks and a rainbow of colored blocks, each with a different function, are the starting point for endless contraptions for marbles to drop to a new level, go right or left, swirl in a funnel, or pour out of a teeter totter.

Quadrilla's versatile design allows the child to determine the marble's path and the options are endless. A logical, sturdy product where the process of building is as much fun as the process of playing.

As they twist, turn, and fly down the rails, see the marbles make their way along the paths built. They can be stopped or their direction changed. Marble runs can be very simple in design, or as complex as you can imagine and build. They can be designed and re-designed with few limitations and with special expansion sets, marble runs can keep evolving from your imagination. Choose between Basic, Twist, and Rail sets along with Sound Block extensions Sets, and extension sets for Basic and Try Me sets.

See two angles of the Quadrilla marble run on Youtube:

1.5 Meter Marble Run: Side View

Marble Run-Top Angle

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Mini Flyers - You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

These amazing little spheres float through the air on a spinning propeller without touch or remote controls! Mini Flyers are outfitted with super infrared controls which sense solid surfaces below—such as arms, and hands, –elevate into the air. After each session, power up the rechargeable device's built-in Li-Poly battery.



Miniature design for indoor flying
    Super infrared control
    Elevates above solid surfaces
    No remote required
    Recharge through transmitter
    Built in Li-Poly battery

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 By Boat, plane, train, car, or bus, we've got you covered!


  Here are our best travel toys :
  1. Melissa & Doug Trunkis for packing & riding
  2. Crayola Compact Art Sets:assorted sets 
    Trunki by Melissa & Doug Long Video 
    Trunki by Melissa & Doug  
  3. Crayola Colour Wonder Sets for no mess art 
  4. Imaginetics creative magnetic scenes 
  5. Tenzi, the world's fastest dice game
  6. Rubiks Cube 360: move & trap the coloured balls.  
  7. Magformers magnetic building toys 
  8. Melissa & Doug Sticker Pads with 100s of stickers 
  9. Pocket Doodle Books
  10. Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Books
  11. Wizard strategy card game 
  12. Telescopes/Binoculars
  13. Wikki Stix bendable creations 
    Wikki Stix Official Video 
    Wikki Stix Official Video
  14. Bananagrams word game 
  15. Rush Hour Jr. traffic jam puzzle game 
  16. Scholastic Summer Series paperbacks
  17. Melissa & Doug Wood Travel Hangman
  18. Melissa & Doug Travel Memory
  19. Backseat Bingo
  20. SchoolZone fun, educational workbooks 
  21. Spot It NHL fast, symbol-spotting card game
  22. Farkle fast-paced dice game 
  23. Story Cubes with single to multi-player modes 
  24. Tomy Waterfuls compact, sealed water games 
  25. Magnetic Sketch & Erase Boards 

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The facts are in and regardless of how the skies may look during a downpour, clean, abundant water is becoming an increasingly rare, valuable and expensive commodity. Teaching children good water management can be a challenge but it's an important lesson. Let's explore some dynamic and fun ways you can help teach your children that a drop of water is a terrible thing to waste. 

Investigate for Water Leaks
Kids learn by doing, and nothing helps make them aware of water-wise practices better than asking them to tag along while you look for toilet, faucet and showerhead leaks. Another option is to perform a home water audit with them. A water efficiency checklist can help assess problems in your home and show your kids you mean business when it comes to good water management.

Start a Garden
Nothing teaches the "water is vital for life" lesson better than a garden. Take a year-old seed that's been sitting in an envelope, add some water, and you have a pretty spectacular lesson about the power of H2O. Planting a garden may not teach your kids to count the seconds they run the tap when they brush their teeth, but it still has value. After growing their own sunflowers, they'll value moisture more -- and differently. The concept of water won't be limited to its function as a means of making ice cubes or getting clean.

Install a Rain Barrel
As a grownup, you understand that water resources are limited and dependent on seasonal rainfall. One way to bring that lesson home to your kids is with a rain barrel. A couple of generations ago, rain barrels were on every farm and in many residential neighborhoods across Canada. Families harvested rainwater for practical use the way they harvested potatoes or apples. Installing a rain barrel under a downspout will teach firsthand that the notion of an endless supply of water is really an illusion. An empty rain barrel will be a ready reminder to kids that nature can be erratic and unpredictable.


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