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Mad About Mugs

I can remember when I was a kid and our cupboards were filled with a random array of mugs. There was always a matching set that we’d serve tea and coffee to guests in but our own collection of mugs did not match—they were each gifted specifically to a family member and featured a theme that suited personal tastes. Funny joke mugs, Dad mugs, Mom mugs, even kids mugs with the likes of Charlie Brown characters, Batman, or something along those lines. Collectible mugs are a long-standing trend.

Recently we purged a cupboard of mugs because we received a new (and lovely but rather plain) dinner set that came with a set of mugs. Well, believe me, the topic of which mugs were being donated and which were being kept, which was “mine” and which was “his,” it all became rather heated! A favourite mug is important! At Turtle Pond Toys, we have a collection of mugs that could very well include your new favourite mug or someone else’s! Check out our collection of themed mugs. Some change graphics when heated, and some are just, well, plain awesome. Keep your cuppa joe hot and never lose track of your beverage!

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