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NEW 2015 Lego has Arrived with New Themes

2015 is bringing around some awesome additions so far and a couple of exciting new themes as well. LEGO Elves is one of the most anticipated of the new themes and features a cool new ‘magical’ design!

The Elves theme follows Emily Jones, a teenager that finds herself in a mystical new world. The only way back is a portal but first the four main elves must find the lost keys to help her back, following a legendary quest featuring sailing ships, treetop hideaways, an enchanted bakery and more. Many sets have “secret functions” that come into play as each unique quest is created. The theme is fun and the sets are designed so creatively! They include The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway, Azari & the Magical Bakery, Farran & the Crystal Hollow, Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship, and more.

Pirates! That’s almost all we have to say. The new Pirates line is a classic take on everything pirate; skull cave, Treasure Island, shipwrecks, hidden treasures, outposts, forts, rafts, rowboats, and pirates ofcourse! The very first LEGO pirates theme came out in 1989 following the three main themes of Space, Town, and Castle in the late 1970s.

More March 2015 releases include a large number of new Bionicles, Ninjago, Star Wars Rebels, City, Technic and awesome Classic LEGO building sets.

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