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Check out our expanding strategy game section!


One of the fun things about running a toy store is that there is so much out there and there is always something new!  We've noticed over the last few years that there is a growing interest in strategy games geared to teens, young adults .... and older adults too...  So we have decided to seriously expand our strategy game section in our Dundas and St. Catharines stores.  We invite you to come take a look!

The most highly anticipated game this year appeals to two fan bases:  the fans of Star Trek and the fans of Catan:  yes, it's Star Trek Catan and we just got it in last week.  Hint:  use the coupon above when you come to buy your copy! Star Trek Catan dives into another dimension as players build, trade, and settle "where no one has gone before!" Take the challenge on the final frontier: build star bases and outposts to strongarm resources from bountiful planets. Take charge of your starship fleets and create supply routes, blazing the way deep into space. Keep a keen eye on your resources. Manage shortages by trading with Federation neighbours and opponents. Venturing too deeply into space, your adversaries can be pushed off route, so you can become the Federation's most cherished hero!



Here are some of the other games you will see on our shelves:  the Munchkin series dungeon adventure mega-hit card game, The Fluxx series (the original, Monty Python, Zombie, and Star) where the cards make the rules, and Lords of Waterdeep which some are calling the new Settlers of Catan. There is also Killer Bunnies, a nail-biting adventure where you might have to "hurt" some bunnies to come out with the winning carrot, as well as the tactical ship-to-ship combat game Star Wars X Wing game. Rounding out the list but definitely not ending it are the futuristic Android Netrunner and the visually stunning Forbidden Island, where players need to work together on a do-or-die mission to capture four sacred treasures.

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