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Evolution: The Dynamic Game of Survival

The landscape of games at Turtle Pond Toys has been a pretty exciting one and it’s definitely been getting some attention. Board games in general have been really dynamic with modern, and really appealing, premises. Evolution is one I picked up recently…looks fantastic! Evolution is in the Family Game Category and recommended for ages 8+.

The rules are rather simple but a surprising amount of variety is packed in. In a dynamic ecosystem where predators lurk and food is scarce, players will adapt their species. Traits like Horns and Hard Shells will protect your specific species from Carnivores while, for example, a Long Neck aids in getting to food other species can’t reach. The game happens through a series of drawing and playing cards.

Every game is different with more then 4000 different ways to evolve your species. Some will play to destroy other species while others will quietly mind their own business and aim for survival. The game supports both styles of play by offering a path to victory for each. The eco-system in which you are all adapting is determined by the styles of play in the game.

Play time is approximately 1 hour with a player base of 2-6 people and optimal with 4-5.

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