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Moshi Monsters are toy characters based on the Moshi Monsters website featuring virtual characters that grade school readers can create, name and care for. The website has gained major success with more than 80 million registered users. Kids choose between six virtual characters, customize their pets, and navigate their way around Monstro City, their garden, or room. They can play games, earn virtual currency, personalize rooms, and communicate in a safe environment with their friends. 
The premise is that kids learn to be responsible, make decisions, and handle consequences as they care for their monster in a virtual world. A happy, healthy monster requires food and entertainment, which any parent knows means money. Kids earn money, called Rox, by playing games or solving puzzles and can spend it in various virtual specialty stores. There are also some limited social networking features. The Moshi Monster website www.moshimonsters.com includes well-constructed, quick games that are fun enough to disguise the fact kids are actually learning. There's also a reassuring section for parents that explains the site's concept and safety measures.

The official Moshi website offers tons of videos for kids, including crafts & DIY games, that greatly expands play value with their Moshi pets.

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