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Clever Ways to Organize and Manage Kids' Gear

Most kids generate a little chaos and disorganization. Yours might flit from one thing to the next - forgetting books at school, leaving towels on the floor, and failing to finish projects once started. You'd like them to be more organized! Is it possible? Yes! A few kids seem naturally organized, but for the rest, organization is a skill learned over time. With a clever organizational plan, kids can develop an effective approach to putting things in their place.


Organize Art Supplies

Use a 5 gallon paint bucket and a tool holder to hold art supplies. Easy in, easy out!


Stash Essentials in Cubbies

Use cubbies in a freestanding cabinet, a built-in, or bench that your kids use most often. Kids can learn to put away their own things from a young age when storage is easily accessible. Store shoes, backpacks, umbrellas, hats, and other items used daily.



If the Shoe Fits...

A hanging shoe holder can be repurposed to hold much more than just shoes. Use a door-hanging shoe holder (at kid-height) in a closet to store action figures, dolls, and any smaller toys.  


Calling All Cars!

Install a magnetic strip (often used for storing knives in a kitchen) to the wall and place matchbox cars along it when not in use. Without using a bucket or bin, it's less likely every single car will be dumped on the floor!


Colour It Organized...

Use a hanging garbage bin, label it, and use it for storing kids' colouring books, art books, and/or paper for crafts.


Hooks at Varying Heights

Kids will use wall hooks they can reach easily. Put extra pegs and hooks below adult-height hooks, about 3-feet off the floor). Once the kids grow taller, these can be used to hang wet hats, scarves, bags, and other smaller items or short jackets.


Highlight Important Papers

Installing a display rail helps to keep track of all the important incoming and outgoing paperwork from school and home. Tickets, homework, permission slips are all good candidates for this.


Dry Boots & Shoes Quickly

Use a simple metal or plastic cooling rack (usually used for baking) to sit inside a larger tray or baking pan. This will collect dirt and water, leaving floors mess-free. To clean, hose them off or just rinse and throw them into the dishwasher.


Corral Messy, Outdoor Toys Before They Get Indoors

When you have kids, muddy shoes and toys are a fact of life. Use a plastic basket or washable canvas bin to collect used rain gear, messy sandbox toys, and soggy pool supplies. Either mount the bin to the wall or set it inside a larger tray or bin which will collect the water, dirt, and debris.


The Organized Family

Using mounted file holders, upright baskets, or mailboxes is a fun, easy and clever way to keep the family organized. These can hold things going out and coming in: think school library books, notes and other paperwork for school, umbrellas, hats and other daily essentials that you don't want the kids to forget. Forget the morning scramble! This makes mornings much easier for parents.

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