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These days it seems more games than not are electronic. And for those of us that haven’t grown up in more technologically advanced times, electronic games can seem intimidating and even down-right annoying. (But everything has its place and there are actually some benefits to playing video games in moderation.) Yet, a step back to classic games has numerous benefits too, and many classic games, newer board games and other non-electronic games have kept their place as mainstay family entertainment and as essential learning tools for children.

**Scroll down to see some of our new games and old favourites, and keep an eye out for game recommendations for all ages. We do our best to source out the finest games available. Be sure to visit Turtle Pond Toys to explore dozens of game options and get advice and suggestions specifically for your child.

KABAM! The Crazy-Fast Word-Building Challenge!

Anyone crazy about word-building will be crazy about Kabam! Two teams or two players go head-to-head draw cards and set them face up beside each other. Each of the cards features single vowels, prefixes, suffixes, and other word parts. To win the round, players must use quick-thinking skills to add one or more letters to the letter sets on the cards to create a word. Ages 8+.

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Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride : Train Adventures Around the World

Ticket to Ride is a great family game offering an exciting cross country train adventure. Two to five players collect and play matching train cards and lay claim to railway routes connecting cities in the country or continent featured. The longer the train routes, the more points are collected. Each turn, players draw more cards, claim a new route, or pick up Destination Tickets (cards that connect distant cities). The object of the game is to collect the most points, done by creating the most routes, the longest, continuous route, and fulfilling Destination Tickets.

The orginal Ticket to Ride game is set in the United States.  Ticket to Ride:  Nordic Countries is a northern adventure across Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. There are also versions for Germany (Marklin)and Europe, as well as Ticket to Ride: Card Game. Learned in only a few minutes, each game provides intense tactical and strategic decisions and includes an oversized board map, illustrated cards, custom, molded train cars, and wooden score markers. Ages 8+.

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Sumoku comes from Blue Orange Games, a Turtle Pond Toys favourite. The one-of-a-kind crossword-style number game can be played in five different ways making it versatile and fun for the entire family. Simply add up all the tiles to multiples of the number shown on the die rolled, connect all the tiles together, and you end up with a Sumoku. There are plenty of challenges in this fast-paced adding game. It also comes in it's own pouch, making it the perfect game to travel with.


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Here is one of our Waterloo store's favourite games --Kanoodle is a one-player, pocket-size game  that uses combinations of colourful, connected beads in two distinct formats; 2D and 3D puzzles for more than 100 brainteasers.

Kanoodle Played

To begin, choose a design from the puzzle book included. Put some puzzle beads into the area as shown in the book. Continue filling in the empty spaces withe beads. Sound easy? This game can be simple, but it can also be really difficult depending on which level is played. There are many possible combinations but only one will complete the Kanoodle puzzle. The pocket-size carrying case holds all the beads and the 148-page puzzle book so you can take it anywhere! For ages 7+

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Perplexus: One Fun and Challenging Puzzle Ball!

The concept of Perplexus is easy: maneuver the small, interior ball to follow the upside down, right-side up, twisted, sideways pathway but be careful–if it comes off the track you have to start all over again. Hold the ball and twist and turn it to move it through the maze. This is the ultimate 3D challenge that will leave you entertained–and probably a little bit perplexed too! Perplexus offers a multi-challenge experience meaning almost anyone can play but, much like Yikerz, it’s a tough game to ace.

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