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These days it seems more games than not are electronic. And for those of us that haven’t grown up in more technologically advanced times, electronic games can seem intimidating and even down-right annoying. (But everything has its place and there are actually some benefits to playing video games in moderation.) Yet, a step back to classic games has numerous benefits too, and many classic games, newer board games and other non-electronic games have kept their place as mainstay family entertainment and as essential learning tools for children.

**Scroll down to see some of our new games and old favourites, and keep an eye out for game recommendations for all ages. We do our best to source out the finest games available. Be sure to visit Turtle Pond Toys to explore dozens of game options and get advice and suggestions specifically for your child.

The Game of Space Spinners

‘It’s not rocket science – its centrifugal force! Spin your saucer fast enough to lift and transport your fuel balls from the launch pad to the Mother Ship. Finish this scientific space race first and you’ve got lift off. This hands-on game is a frantic space race and fast-action fun for the whole family!’ Space Spinners will secretly teach your child! By developing hand-eye coordination, enhancing fine motor skills, and introducing the scientific concept of centrifugal force. Recommended ages 6+

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Carcassonne Mini Expansion Packs

Pick up one of these expansion packs for Carcassonne for lots of all-new plays to mix up your regular game!

Mini Expansion #1: The Flying Machines
Discover tiles that enable you to fly horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.

Mini Expansion #2: The Messengers
The actions on the Messages vary, but they can allow you to score points for cloisters, cities, roads, or even the number of meeples in your supply!

Mini Expansion #3: The Ferries
Includes eight new land tiles that show three or four road segments leading to a lake in the center of the tile; these tiles are mixed with the other tiles in the game.

Mini Expansion #4: The Gold Mines
Gold is the key here!  The more ingots you gather, the more points each of them are worth!

Mini Expansion #5: Mage & Witch
Play strategically and gain points with plays involving the Mage but look out for the Witch or you’ll lose what you could have gained!

Mini Expansion #6: The Robbers

Use this expansion kit to steal points from your opponents! When your play, with extra points is finished, you gain back your Robber for continuous play. Sneaky!

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Monkeying Around is one of the most fun games out there for younger kids who don't like too many rules (who does?). Spin for your number, balance that number of monkeys in the treetop but….. stay COOL! The treetop can fall into the crocodile swamp! This 2-4 player game is tons of pure fun with simple rules and an awesome 3D game set that keeps kids playing.

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Quick Chess

Quick Chess is an awesome way to learn the Game of Kings! The game itself might seem complicated to younger kids but not with this set. It includes a double sided board: one to learn on and the other to play traditional chess. There are ten levels of play that include complete instructions.

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Valentine's is Gone: Love Letter Is Here To Stay

Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck, for 2–4 players. Get your love letter into Princess Annette’s hands while keeping other players’ letters away. Powerful cards lead to early gains, but make you a target. Rely on weaker cards for too long and your letter may be tossed in the fire!

In the wake of the queen’s arrest, all the eligible young men of Tempest (and many not so young) seek to woo Princess Annette. Unfortunately, she has locked herself in the palace, and everyone must rely on those within the palace to bring their romantic letters to her. Will yours reach her first?

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