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Timeline: A Game of Luck & Knowledge

Was the can opener invented before or after matches? But what about the telegraph? Was it invented before or after the submarine? These are types of questions you’ll ask yourself in the fun and thought-provoking card game Timeline: Inventions. Each card in the deck of 109 cards depicts a specific period of time: The object of the game is to deplete your hand by placing each card correctly in the ever-expanding line of chronology. This super-unique card game is a great way to mesh learning and fun!

Each card depicts an illustration and name on one side, and a date on the opposite side. Each player starts with an equal number of cards placed date side down. In turns, add one of your cards to the shared time line in the correct sequence. Timeline is a quick game for 2-8 players to compete. Four versions are available including Inventions, Science & Discoveries, Diversity, and Historical Events.

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