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These days it seems more games than not are electronic. And for those of us that haven’t grown up in more technologically advanced times, electronic games can seem intimidating and even down-right annoying. (But everything has its place and there are actually some benefits to playing video games in moderation.) Yet, a step back to classic games has numerous benefits too, and many classic games, newer board games and other non-electronic games have kept their place as mainstay family entertainment and as essential learning tools for children.

**Scroll down to see some of our new games and old favourites, and keep an eye out for game recommendations for all ages. We do our best to source out the finest games available. Be sure to visit Turtle Pond Toys to explore dozens of game options and get advice and suggestions specifically for your child.

Timeline: A Game of Luck & Knowledge

Was the can opener invented before or after matches? But what about the telegraph? Was it invented before or after the submarine? These are types of questions you’ll ask yourself in the fun and thought-provoking card game Timeline: Inventions. Each card in the deck of 109 cards depicts a specific period of time: The object of the game is to deplete your hand by placing each card correctly in the ever-expanding line of chronology. This super-unique card game is a great way to mesh learning and fun!

Each card depicts an illustration and name on one side, and a date on the opposite side. Each player starts with an equal number of cards placed date side down. In turns, add one of your cards to the shared time line in the correct sequence. Timeline is a quick game for 2-8 players to compete. Four versions are available including Inventions, Science & Discoveries, Diversity, and Historical Events.

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Ghost Blitz 2

Five items sit on the table waiting to be caught. Each card in the deck shows pictures of two objects, with one or both objects colored the wrong way. With all players playing at the same time, someone reveals a card, then players grab for the "right" object - but which object is right?

Ghost Blitz 2 is a mental and manual dexterity game that can be played completely on its own or added to the original Ghost Blitz to support more players (with new pieces and a second deck of cards) and create even more of a challenge.

Ghost Blitz 2 is for 2-8 players 8+ and takes 30+ minutes to finish.

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Ha! Ha! Moustache

 A Fun & Hilarious Party Game

If you think you can name some of the most famous moustaches out there (or just think it would be fun trying to guess), Ha! Ha! Moustache is the game for you. Easy rules come with 52 different moustache cards. Pull a card out, hold it up to your face and let the guessing begin - handlebar, pencil, fu manchu? There's just a few to start. Another bonus is the package is small and easy to tote around to parties. There are three editions: Living People, Dead People, & Awful People.

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7 Awesome Board Games for Anytime! 

Has your family cottage trip ever included an exhilarating round of board games? The bellows as the competition gets intense, the pitting of one team against the other, maybe the odd accusation of cheating. It’s the perfect kind of unplugged fun, and if your cottage is like most Canadians', you have a stack of dusty games piled up under the coffee table, ready to be pulled out after dinner or on a drizzly day.

While your family may be perfectly happy playing that beat-up old box of Scrabble one summer after another, consider adding some new and still completely awesome board games into the mix. (recommended ages are only a guideline).


1. Melissa & Doug Suspend, 8+

Easy to understand but much harder to master, Suspend is a unique balancing game that comes with 24, rubber-tipped and notched wire pieces that are hung from a tabletop stand. Each player takes a turn adding a new piece to the ever-changing vertical structure, shifting the balance and increasing the difficulty level. Test your skill - and your nerves! - while challenging cognitive and hand-eye coordination skills. 


2. Pandemic, 8+

This co-operative board game has been named one of the best new games around - and it IS! Four diseases have broken out around the world, each with the potential of wiping out an entire region. 2-4 players will each take on the role of one of five top specialists: researcher, dispatcher, operations expert, scientist, medic. The best part of this game is players are playing together, rather then against each other, to beat the plagues by discovering the cures before any of the losing conditions set out in the game are reached. Excellent for kids but also a great game to play with a group of adults.


3. The aMAZEing Labyrinth by Ravensburger, 7+

Labyrinth presents an exciting race for treasures and a moving maze. Shift the walls of the labyrinth to clear a path and collect all your treasures. The catch? The walls shift constantly and present many traps to avoid. Gain the advantage over the other players by inserting the extra tile to move walls and open passages of the Labyrinth. 



4. Ticket to Ride USA, 8+

In this cross-country train adventure, players collect matching train cards and play them to claim routes and make connections across the USA. The longer the connections are, the more points the player earns. If a player connects two distant cities, draws train car cards, or builds the longest continuous route, he or she will collect even more points. The highest score wins this train-tastic railway adevture game.


5. King of Tokyo, 8+

This easy-to-learn, fast-paced game for 2-6 players lets players take on the role of gigantic robots, mutant monsters, and an array of aliens all vying for the position of King of Tokyo. In the fight between gruesome creatures and some out-of-this-world characters, only one will win the crown and take on Tokyo by either destroying the city or ending up the sole-suriving monster. This is another top pick in newer games you won't want to miss!


6. Blokus, 5+

This awesome abstract strategy game is perfect for the family and suits the younger board-gamers out there. Designed for 2-4 players, Blokus a multi-award winning game played on a square board divided into 20 rows and 20 columns. 84 game tiles are split into 21 shapes in each of four bright colours. Based on polyominoes of 1-5 squares, tiles must be played based on colour order with blue going first, followed by yellow, red, and green. Following rules on how they can be placed, players will lay their tiles. The final score is based on the number of squares in each player's unplayed pieces.


7. Monkeying Around, 4+

Another fun family game (that requires no reading) that's great fun for younger players too, Monkeying Around is a straight-forward balancing act that includes a palm tree on a swamp base and a bunch of colour-coded monkeys. Each player will rotate the spinner to see how many monkeys they need to hang. With a cautious eye and steady hand, hang the monkeys without bringing down the tree top. 

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Nowhere to Go: Strategy for Two

Trap your opponent in Nowhere To Go Game, this step-by-step strategy game for two! Each player places his or her spy piece on one of the two starting spaces. Then each player places five blockers at random anywhere on the board. Players take turns moving their spy pieces as many spaces as they (at least one space) like across any bridges that are not blocked. Players end their turns by placing a blocker on any bridge. The first player to trap the other spy with blockers wins. Recommeneded ages 8+

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