Folkmanis Puppets

Judy Folkmanis knew she was on to an incredible idea when she first used her fantastic knack for sewing to create her very first Folkmanis Puppets. Received with rave reviews-both then and now-Judy's puppets are a reflection of her great love of nature and her uniquely inspired imagination. Judy's endearing puppet designs, both familiar and curious, were first crafted to entertain her own children.

To Judy's great surprise, her puppets quickly attracted a growing audience of  interested customers seeking high-quality toys coupled with high play value and an appreciation of the natural world around us. Folkmanis Puppets has since blossomed into a magnificent menagerie of more than 200 realistic and heartwarming creatures. Today, all operations and creative processes are overseen by Judy and her husband Atis, who uphold the careful attention to detail and quality evident in Judy's original vision and creations.

Irresistible Folkmanis Puppets 

Folkmanis creates a menagerie of incredibley realistic puppets in a wide range of species! Folkmanis puppets include plush animal hand puppets in various sizes as well as finger puppets. Some even have built in mechanisms to move certain facial features. Guaranteed this is one of the most played-in sections of the store!

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Inspiration, Language & Fun

There are numerous benefits available to children interested in puppets. The imaginative process of puppet-play fosters fine and gross motor skills, encourages hands-on discovery and offers a great foundation for learning. Inspiring imagination like no other toys do, Folkmanis Puppets also aid in developing early language skills and offer children some of the most treasured companions on the market today. There is no question as to why these beautiful, nature-inspired creations are widely regarded as some of the most innovative puppets in the world.

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