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Growth Charts, Notebooks and Art Supplies 

We've got some of eeBoo's most impressive items. A wide choice in eeBoo's beautifully designed growth charts are now available. There are styles for both boys and girls as well as styles that are suited for all kids. Keep track of very inch or simply take measurements each year. EeBoo supplies extra stickers for taking measurements halfway between the year as well. The charts are hung from satin ribbon and make a statement in any bedroom that will never go unnoticed.



Marked by the same style of soft, watercolor illustrions, eeBoo notebooks and eeBoo sketchpads are made to inspire the creative side in all of us. Heavy, art stock paper in sketchpads, and wonderful anecdotes and prompts in notebooks offer a way to draw, muse, and create. Choose from travel notebooks, journals and more.

Make a statement by pairing an eeBoo notebook with a set of eeBoo pencil crayons available in an adorned tin in many diffeent themes. Any budding artist will love the look of eeBoo's drawings and find inspiration in them perfect for awakening the creative side.

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