eeBoo is inspired by a deep love and appreciation of the natural world which is conveyed through beautiful illustrations. eeBoo ‘s talented artists have created a wide assortment of eye-catching children’s games, beautiful lacing cards, toys, stationary, and art tools with a unique and classic edge and a memorable, watercolor-style look.

Growth Charts, Notebooks and Art Supplies 

We've got some of eeBoo's most impressive items. A wide choice in eeBoo's beautifully designed growth charts are now available. There are styles for both boys and girls as well as styles that are suited for all kids. Keep track of very inch or simply take measurements each year. EeBoo supplies extra stickers for taking measurements halfway between the year as well. The charts are hung from satin ribbon and make a statement in any bedroom that will never go unnoticed.



Marked by the same style of soft, watercolor illustrions, eeBoo notebooks and eeBoo sketchpads are made to inspire the creative side in all of us. Heavy, art stock paper in sketchpads, and wonderful anecdotes and prompts in notebooks offer a way to draw, muse, and create. Choose from travel notebooks, journals and more.

Make a statement by pairing an eeBoo notebook with a set of eeBoo pencil crayons available in an adorned tin in many diffeent themes. Any budding artist will love the look of eeBoo's drawings and find inspiration in them perfect for awakening the creative side.

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eeBoo Games

eeBoo presents a colorful collection of preschool + games that are unique as their signature name. Any eeBoo game will most definitely be a timeless addition to every child’s game collection. Each game has the simple instructions on the back in shape of a cute little poem.



Spin Me a Rainbow, ages 3+

Seven different colors in a rainbow way up high;
Spin, and you'll collect them,
in their shapes across the sky.
Be first to gather all the shapes
and you have won the game,
And you'll also know your colors,
and each colored shape by name.

Build a Robot Game, ages 5+

To build a robot is an art
You have to do it part by part.
So many heads and arms to use!
Spin, and you will have to choose.
Done first? You win! Now play again!
With every game you "make a friend"!

Other eeBoo game titles include; Picnic Party Game, Tea Party Game, Time Telling Game, Picture Dominoes, Bug Dominoes, Preschool Numbers, Lotto Game, Nature Memory Game, and Preschool Memory Game.


eeBoo Art & Writing Supplies

One-of-a-kind eeBoo notebooks, eeBoo pencil crayons encased in illustrated, keepsake tins, beautifully adorned eeBoo sketchbooks and eeBoo artist color oil pastels are all part of eeBoo’s writing and arts collection. Expect the same, hearty quality along with engaging illustrations with this fine quality collection.


eBoo Growth Charts

Choose from an assortment of eeBoo growth charts with themes like Growing Like a Weed, Fireman, Lily Pad Pond, Sunflower, Musical Fairy Tree, and Baseball.


More eeBoo!

eeBoo lacing cards are perfect for kids working on fine motor skills. These mini-masterpieces come as radiantly designed sets of five sturdy, double-laminated cards and five faux-silk threads that resist unraveling. eeBoo Paper Dolls are some of the best we’ve seen. Each set includes a multicultural pair of dolls, mix-and-match wardrobes, and two, double-sided, three-paneled scenes. The eeBoo Tot Tower is designed in likeness of all the other great eeBoo products and is perfect for little ones ages 2+. The tower includes colors, shapes, numbers and ABCs and are numbered and created to stack and nest, and to tumble down too ofcourse! They are printed with soy-based inks on (heavy-duty) 90% recycled materials with non-toxic coatings. eeBoo puzzles are a continuum of the entire eeBoo line and are ideal for anyone inlove with eeBoo’s memorable illustrations. Choose from titles like Alphabets & Numbers, Picture Puzzles, and Opposites.

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