Crayola (almost) needs no introduction! From the very first 8-pack of wax crayons sold for 5 cents in 1903, Crayola has come a really long way. Crayola has been a perennial favourite since inception and has created a host of products directed at the ever-changing needs of kids. Crayola not only offers solid, quality goods, they are a trusted source in safety-standard tested products. Crayola also offers a ton of free craft ideas spanning everything from colouring pages to more detailed works of art. Check it all out on their website for great new ideas to try with your kids.


Art Essentials

You can always count on Crayola for covering all the bases in art essentials. There are countless styles of crayons, markers, pencil crayons, art paper, colouring books, paints, clays, art tools, and so much more to choose from, offering limitless possibilities from a simple drawing to an elaborate art project.



Beyond the Basics

Crayola seems to outdo themselves year after year. Just think about the availability of art supplies only a few decades back and then take a look at Craoyla’s website. You’ll be amazed! The huge scope of tools available for creating only encourages further innovation and unique perspective. Partnered with Disney and Nickelodeon, Crayola offers many sets and themes featuring favorite films and characters too.

A few of Crayola’s newer, innovative products include:

Color Wonder: Stow & Glow Studio, Color Pad & Paint Set, Finger Paint Set and many more CW products available.

What parent doesn’t love arts and crafts time but hates cleaning up the mess that can get all over the place! Have no fear, Color Wonder is here to save the day and make it all incredibly stress-free! Color only shows up on Color Wonder paper!Woo hoo!






 Crayola Glow Station 

Make incredible illustrations using light with Crayola Glow Station! Use the provided "light wand" on the glow canvas to create glowing free-hand illustrations or use the stencils to make different glowing scenes and shapes. Creations disappear with time, leaving a clean slate to draw and create over and over again.


Crayola Model Magic kits include all the supplies kids need to make one of the different character styles available like monsters, puppies or lambs. Make model “dots” (with easy instructions) that stick to each other and can be formed together to make a fun, bumpy-textured pal. Individual Model Magic packets are avalable in a rainbow of colours.




Color Explosion Glow Dome

Glow animation is the name of the game with the Crayola Glow Dome! Draw the main image on the central panel and the rest of the drawing on the dome’s rounded surface. Hit the dome lights and presto! “Glow Motion” animation!! There are also a ton of free coloring pages for the Glow Dome on the Crayola website so there’s no end to the inspiration!



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