Babicorolle dolls are soft and snuggly and a completely irresistible choice for a first doll. Designed to foster newly developing senses, Babicorolle dolls captivate with a variety of interesting textures, colours and sounds. Babicorolle includes mini soft dolls, rag dolls, snuggly hang-up rattle dolls, puppet dolls and Babipouce dolls. Often becoming top favourites very quickly, these dolls can be machine washed on any gentle cycle. 


Mon Premier

The idea behind Corolle Mon Premier dolls is a sense of guardianship. Children have their own doll to take care of just like Mom & Dad take care of their own. Corolle Mon Premier includes a variety of differently styled, soft-bodied Calin dolls, bathtime Tidoo dolls (soft bodied and quick-drying), and the enchanting and fresh-faced Poupette. There are plenty of fashion choices for each of the three dolls, as well as an excellent line of accessories like Meal Sets, Baby Slings, small strollers, highchairs, and small beds.


Les Classiques

These beautiful and classic dolls come in five different sizes, perfectly accommodating children ages 18 months and up. Paired with nursery accessories and plenty of fashions, each doll provides endless entertainment and companionship. Corolle classic dolls include Drink-and-Wet Bath Baby (potty-training doll), interactive dolls that sleep, coo, cry and drink from a bottle, and plenty of accessories including the ever-popular Corolle Baby Carriage.

 **In addition to the already large Corolle collection, there is a Miss Corolle line with style-able hair and trendy fashions and Les Trendies, a line of “budding fashionistas.”

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