Encourage Creativity with Alex

 Feeding the creative mind doesn't mean sidestepping education.  In fact, creative activities help develop and foster brain development and motor skills while encouraging kids to unleash their own unique perspectives and delve into a world of imaginative play.  Our line of ALEX craft kits and supplies, preschool puzzles and bath toys all offer a way of summoning each child's creative side while providing hours of entertainment for many ages.

ALEX Hair Chalk Salon

Parents Magazine has named ALEX Hair Chalk Salon one of the Best New Toys of 2014. The set includes everything you need to add streaks of vibrant, (temporary) colour to hair with easy-to-use chalk pens. (We’ve even noticed some moms really love it!)

 The set also includes a beading tool to add in hair beads to finish off a new, colourful hair style. And don’t worry; it comes out easily with plain old shampoo.  Easy instructions, five chalk pens, a beading tool, 24 beads, and hair elastics are all included.

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ALEX Crafts

We have ALEX kits for all ages! There's fun for little ones, lots of new craft kits, art supplies, and more.

The ALEX Sew Silly Wallet Activity Kit lets your little one make their own silly monster wallet! All felt pieces are pre-punched for easy lacing and the plastic needle means no sharp point! The zipper is already sewn into each wallet for added convenience.

ALEX Colour a Rocket/Colour a House: The entire ship and house is a blank canvas for creativity! Uncap the six giant double-tip markers and start filling the lines with any colors you want. With strong walls and fully washable markers, kids embark on safe creative play with big imagination. Encourage fine motor skills, creativity, and imaginative play with these fun sets that encourage back-to-basics fun.

ALEX Mix & Makeup Nail Sparkle: Fun to mix and apply, and easy to remove, this ALEX set includes lollipop bottles, nail polish base, glitter, mixing cup, stir stick, funnel, 3 color drops, nail stickers and easy to follow instructions.

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ALEX Products

The ALEX Little Hands line is specifically designed for children ages three and up.Each product promotes the cognitive, physical and practical needs of toddlers and preschoolers.  ALEX Little Hands includes puzzles like ABC Zoo, Mix & Match, and Mixed Up Pets.  There are also a host of fun craft kits to choose from including Stamp & Stomp, Loopy Friends, Sticker Art, Collage Farm and many more.

For older kids, our assortment of jewellery kits, craft kits and individual craft supplies can be used to design and create many unique projects.  Do-it-yourself jewellery, bead looms, birdhouses and friendship bracelets have never been easier or more fun!  Knot a Scarf, DIY Purses, Scrapbooks, Scarves and more are all available at Turtle Pond Toys.

Our large selection of tub toys is something to be admired!  For many kids, bath time is the time to splish and splash while squeezing out the last bit of fun from the day.  ALEX tub toys offer the perfect way to add even more fun -- and even education disguised as fun! - into the tub.  An array of squirting characters, bathtub islands in different themes, bathtub crayons, Count Out Loud Froggy, Hoops in the Tub and much more will add tons of fun to bath time while offering a chance to develop many newly emerging skills.  Come out and explore our amazing bath section!



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