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4M – Sparking Natural Curiosity in Kids

Creativity, imagination, and fun sum up 4M science kits perfectly.  Learning through creating and experimenting is the focus of these enlightening and user-friendly kits made for ages 7 & up.  Sometimes overlooked, yet deserving mountains of attention, 4M goes beyond your average science kit. Part arts & crafts, part science, 4M presents an avenue for learning in a really fun way.  One of the best parts of 4M kits is when they're finished, there is a completed project to keep, display and show off to family and friends.

4M science kits connect kids to real-life topics. Though science is fascinating and integral to much of what we do, generating an interest in the sciences can be difficult but without the right tools. It can also be hard to understand how and why certain things work. 4M science kits come with easy-to-follow instructions (in seven languages) and encourage hands-on learning resulting in an unbeatable equation with impressive results.

One of the most popular 4M science kits is the exciting Volcano Making Kit. Paint and decorate a 9.5cm high volcano and amaze family and friends with a bubbling, fiery eruption! The kit includes everything needed to make the volcano along with easy instructions and interesting facts about how volcanoes work.

Or, make a working clock out of a potato! The cool Potato Clock Kit illustrates that clocks can work on something other than batteries.  Each kit contains digital clock wires, copper and zinc strips, connecting wire and detailed instructions on exactly how to construct your potato clock. 

Other 4M science titles include; 3 Dimensional Solar System Mobile Making, TechnoRobot, Super Magnet, Create A Night Sky Projection Kit, Cosmic Rocket and Spy Science, to name just a few. There are also Dino Skeleton Excavation kits, Dig & Play Treasure Island, and the Mystic Egyptian Tomb, both mystifying adventures and board games in one.


4M Science Kits - Green Science Series

4M Green Science series are environmentally-friendly focused projects.  4M Green Line kits include the Soda Can Robobug. That’s right, a robobug made out of a recycled soda can!  Or, recycle a plastic bottle, make a Windmill Generator using free wind and learn about renewable sources of energy. Other science kits in the Green Science series are Enviro Battery, Clean Water Science, Spinning Top Generator and Dynamo Torch.

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