Crochet Art

Make a handmade, crocheted handbag, placemat, and belt with the Crochet Art craft kit from 4M. This kit will get kids started on this relaxing, easy-to-learn centuries-old hobby - with complete instructions and everything needed to make three fun and practical projects. This great needlecraft kit includes: 2 crochet hooks, 1 plastic needle, 7 fun and bright colors of wool yarn, and a 14-page instruction booklet.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch a pretty purse or pen holder and a set of 4 coasters with this 4M craft kit. Kids ages 8 and up will learn the basic techniques of cross stitching as they follow the detailed patterns. Kit includes 2 plastic canvasses measuring 6.5" x 7.5", colourful yarn, plastic needle and design templates. This beginner kit is perfect for learning a craft kids can enjoy for a lifetime.

Kaleidoscope Kit

Create your own 25 cm long kaleidoscope with millions of dazzling patterns by fitting it with different filters. Guaranteed fun! Contains: 1 paper cone, 3 security mirrors, 1 chamber for objects with removable lid, 1 holographic sheet, colour filters (transparent coloured sticker), coloured and fluorescent trinkets to put in the chamber, detailed instructions with fun facts, activities and ideals for making different kaleidoscopes. For 7+ years old.


Knitting Art

 This 4m craft kit is excellent for children and beginning knitters to learn the art of knitting quickly and easily. Kit includes detailed instructions and everything you need to create a pillow, mobile phone or music player holder, or handbag. You could be knitting today! For ages 5+.


Mould & Paint Fridge Magnets

A magnet making kit ideal for kids and beginners! Contains: 3 bags of easy dry plaster powder, 3 blister moulds with 24 designs, 3 strips of paint pots, 2 brushes, magents and an instruction booklet. Age 5+


Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set

This customizable tea set is a great alternative gift to a pre-painted set, especially for a crafty kid who loves craft projects.  This quality kit offers years of play value. Everything necessary to paint your 13 piece ceramic tea set is included and complete with instructions.

Weaving Loom

Let your creativity and imagination bloom with this beginner's Weaving Loom! This kit contains everything needed to create three coasters and a mobile phone bag:  1 x weaving loom,  1 x plastic needle, 1 x weaving shuttle, 1 x weaving comb, different colored yarns, warp string, detailed instructions.

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4M favourites, like Doll Making, will never lose their popularity (add together a great product and a great price point) but there are often new 4M titles to choose from too like Plastic Bag Monster which has won the 19th annual Toy of the Year award;



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Craft Kits are Tons of Fun!

When you first get a 4M arts and crafts kit, it’s identical to all the others. The exciting part comes with the transformation that takes place once the project is underway. Make Your Own Scrapbook, Origami Safari, Plate Painting and Sparkling Dream Catcher will all look the same to start.  Yet with all the included supplies, the ability to create a distinct and incomparable finished product is easy as 1-2-3.  Craft kits are a really fun way to connect with your child, make a special project together, and have a keepsake to remember it all by. The simple instructions are a terrific way to introduce kids to following written guidelines and can bring about a sense of great accomplishment upon completion. With so many different projects to choose from, there’s something that will touch on every child’s interests.

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4M Arts & Crafts Kits - Find Something Perfect for Every Child

4M offers an all-inclusive arts and crafts kit to personalize with your own unique vision.  Each 4M Arts & Crafts kit comes with all the necessary equipment and easy-to-follow instructions for making a wide variety of fun crafts.  The Paper Making, Weaving Loom, Easy Knit and Doll Making kits offer a look at some of the earliest arts and crafts known to us today.  Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stone, Make a Crystallite Wind Chime and Bird House Painting are perfect for decorating an outdoor space.  Paint Your Own Mini Tea Sets, Paint A Piggy Bank, Mould & Paint Dinosaurs and Easy-To-Do Mosaic Frames can be proudly displayed indoors.  Kits are designed for various ages beginning at ages 5 & Up.


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