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Christmas season is back, and here are some great gift ideas for 12-14 year olds. Some ideas are:a popular scrabble-like game, Bananagrams, rubics cubes, and other great brain-teasers that keep you thinking. This can be fun for any age group. Also, a good idea for a gift is a Klutz craft book. There is the book of lists, secret codes, beads, and crafts that everyone loves. The Encyclopedia of Immaturity also can bring on many laughs, as well as teach you some useful things (How to skip a stone, How to hang a Spoon from your Nose) What also might interest girls is the new science kit line, which includes things like Make your own Lipbalm and bath fizzlers. For boys, Tracksters are always a good idea, and there are many sports and science activities that will keep kids busy. I really like reading, and there are books for everyone in the store. Some novelties that may intrest kids are displayed usually on the counter, including hex bugs, (mini robots that have a mind of their own) expandable socks (soak them in water and they'll expand) yummy dough, smelly pens glitter balls, and tons more. Those are all great stockind stuffers.
I hope you like my ideas for great gifts!!!

November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAnna Zemitis