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Mad About Mugs

I can remember when I was a kid and our cupboards were filled with a random array of mugs. There was always a matching set that we’d serve tea and coffee to guests in but our own collection of mugs did not match—they were each gifted specifically to a family member and featured a theme that suited personal tastes. Funny joke mugs, Dad mugs, Mom mugs, even kids mugs with the likes of Charlie Brown characters, Batman, or something along those lines. Collectible mugs are a long-standing trend.

Recently we purged a cupboard of mugs because we received a new (and lovely but rather plain) dinner set that came with a set of mugs. Well, believe me, the topic of which mugs were being donated and which were being kept, which was “mine” and which was “his,” it all became rather heated! A favourite mug is important! At Turtle Pond Toys, we have a collection of mugs that could very well include your new favourite mug or someone else’s! Check out our collection of themed mugs. Some change graphics when heated, and some are just, well, plain awesome. Keep your cuppa joe hot and never lose track of your beverage!

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New 2015 Lego Architeture

New to the LEGO Architecture line in 2015 is Washington’s  Lincoln Memorial. This is a small but splendid reproduction of the massive building that stands prominently within the National Mall in Washington D.C. and honors the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. This neat design features three dozen Doric Columns and a removable roof, that when taken out, gives a peak of the mini-sized Lincoln statue inside, originally mastered by Daniel Chester French.

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Loveletter: Batman & Hobbit Editions

Love Letter: Tempest Edition was a great hit with customers, especially around Valentine’s Day. The unique game of deduction is fast, risky, and addictive! There are several editions of Loveletter available including the newly released Batman and Hobbit Editions. Take on the role of the Dark Knight and fight the villains of Gotham in Loveletter: Batman or reclaim the Arkenstone on a dangerous quest where you’ll have to steer clear of Smaug the Dragon in Loveletter: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies. This small package offers up tons of fun for 2-4 players 10 and up.

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Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

Calling all puzzle fans; try something new! Did you know Ravensburger puzzles include a 3D line with some pretty spectacular designs? Build the Leaning Tower of Pisa, create a replica of the Eiffel Tower artfully designed by Tula Moon, construct a model of the incredible 19th century Romanesque Revival Neuschwanstein Castle, or go for the gold with the impressive Tower Bridge. The rigid puzzle pieces and special hinged design make 3D puzzling a great experience.


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LEGO Ideas....Birds!

Tom Poulsom & LEGO Birds


LEGO Ideas Birds has caused quite a commotion in our store and elsewhere! In a good way ofcourse. This brand new—and very unique set—comes from creator Tom Poulsom, who’s been building with bricks since he was five years old. This is just one example of the different creative sets built by fans to hit the shelves---and what a set it is! There's an excerpt below from an interview with Poulsom and how his idea came to us all in the new LEGO Ideas Birds building set.

“The majority of my creations have been replicas of man-made objects (cars, trucks and spaceships) I wanted to build something different, creating something to look organic seemed like a nice challenge.  I have always loved nature and being a tree surgeon and gardener I get a lot of inspiration from my job.  I was digging a vegetable patch one day and during a quick break I noticed a Robin land on my fork handle.  This was the inspiration behind "Bobby the Robin". I built him that evening and enjoyed building this bird so much that I decided to build some of my favorite birds from Europe. Once I had built seven birds I posted one a day on Flickr. They were a hit! I couldn't believe the attention I received.  A follower suggested I add the birds to LEGO Ideas and here I am now with an official LEGO set containing my Idea.”

Read the entire article on the LEGO Ideas blog here:


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Blue Q Will Brighten Your Day

So many fun new things in from Blue Q! There are combed cotton socks in adult sizes (bearing some pretty hilarious quotes), super-fun meal time gadgets sure to get the kids eating up, and a new collection of Blue Q zipper pencil cases, zipper pouches, and coin purses made from 100% post-consumer materials.


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NEW 2015 Lego has Arrived with New Themes

2015 is bringing around some awesome additions so far and a couple of exciting new themes as well. LEGO Elves is one of the most anticipated of the new themes and features a cool new ‘magical’ design!

The Elves theme follows Emily Jones, a teenager that finds herself in a mystical new world. The only way back is a portal but first the four main elves must find the lost keys to help her back, following a legendary quest featuring sailing ships, treetop hideaways, an enchanted bakery and more. Many sets have “secret functions” that come into play as each unique quest is created. The theme is fun and the sets are designed so creatively! They include The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway, Azari & the Magical Bakery, Farran & the Crystal Hollow, Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship, and more.

Pirates! That’s almost all we have to say. The new Pirates line is a classic take on everything pirate; skull cave, Treasure Island, shipwrecks, hidden treasures, outposts, forts, rafts, rowboats, and pirates ofcourse! The very first LEGO pirates theme came out in 1989 following the three main themes of Space, Town, and Castle in the late 1970s.

More March 2015 releases include a large number of new Bionicles, Ninjago, Star Wars Rebels, City, Technic and awesome Classic LEGO building sets.

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The Bellz magnet game is deceptively simple and yet can be really challenging at the same time. Just open the travel pouch, which becomes the game board, and you’re ready to play! Inside there are 40 custom bells in 4 colors and 3 different sizes.

The Goal: Players use the magnet wand to pick up bells of only one color. Make a string off the end of the magnet wand, or create a cluster — just don’t pick up bells of any other color or the turn is over. Each player must decide how far to push their luck on every turn. The first player to collect all 10 bells of one color wins!

The magnet wand can be used two ways:
Use the small end for precision grabs, or try the larger, more powerful end to make really long chains. You choose which end to use each turn. This is a great new family game for ages 6+.

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Canadian-Made Kanga Jump Ropes: Get Your Double Dutch On!

High-quality jump-ropes available in 7 & 14-foot lengths and double dutch sets.

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