Pandemic: A Cooperative Board Game

Pandemic is one of the most acclaimed cooperative games to be released. The premise of the game, for 2-4 players, is this: four different diseases have broken out around the world. Each is so deadly they threaten total annihilation of a specific region. Each player will take on the role of a specialist (medic, operations expert, dispatcher, researcher, or scientist). Unlike most board games where players are competing, Pandemic is a cooperative game where players work together for a solution. They’ll combine efforts to find cures to each of the diseases before reaching any game-losing conditions. There has been plenty of feedback on what a fantastic game this is!

Pandemic on the Brink is the first expansion offering new role cards and event cards, and rules for five players as well as optional challenges to increase the difficulty level.

Pandemic in the Lab is the second expansion for Pandemic. It includes a new game board that permits players to move the pawns in a laboratory. Finding cures for the diseases is still the goal but presented in a new way; scientist have to race to sequence the diseases, obtain samples, and test cures, all behind sealed up bio-hazard lab doors.

Here we have science, art and by virtue we also have drawing and writing and THINKING… a pretty fabulous cross-curricular investment. As you can see, if you become the owner of your own Crayola Marker Maker lab, you will be able to mix and NAME your own colors. As a firsthand witness, I can say I love that the kids feel like little scientists as they are mixing the colours in tubes. Another terrific aspect is that they’re offered the power of their very OWN choice when naming the colours. They love this! It's a pretty creative process too, and super fun coming up with just the right name for each colour.

The age on the Crayola Marker maker suggests 8+. Unless you have infinite patience and an incredible ability to have kids do as you say they should (combined), I likely wouldn’t take a stab at co-piloting this before around 6 years of age. If you like making crayons, you’ll love making markers with older kids!

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Uncle Milton Science & Discovery Toys

Uncle Milton brings us some amazing science and discovery toys, which all began with the introduction of the Uncle Milton Ant Farm. The light-up aspect of several sets is a fantastic feature for kids who feel a little more comfortable when the lights go out and the dark sets in, and the lights can also spark some incredible imaginative play. Stars in the galaxy, planets in our solar system and the simple fun of Frozen Light Vines and the Death Star Planetarium, there’s a lot to love about Uncle Milton toys. They’re gifts that keep on giving—not something that ends up forgotten in the toy box.

Clockwise from top left: Moonlight Mushroom, Moon in My Room, Rainbow in My Room, Solar System in My Room, Jedi Telescope, Frozen Light Vines, Star Wars Death Star, Planetarium, Earth in My Room, 3D Star Theater (center)

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Ghost Blitz 2

Five items sit on the table waiting to be caught. Each card in the deck shows pictures of two objects, with one or both objects colored the wrong way. With all players playing at the same time, someone reveals a card, then players grab for the "right" object - but which object is right?

Ghost Blitz 2 is a mental and manual dexterity game that can be played completely on its own or added to the original Ghost Blitz to support more players (with new pieces and a second deck of cards) and create even more of a challenge.

Ghost Blitz 2 is for 2-8 players 8+ and takes 30+ minutes to finish.

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Brio Builder Construction Set

With 135 pieces to build, repair, and tweak, the Brio Builder Construction Set is a great starter kit for ages 3+. Screws, nuts, bolts, and ready-drilled pieces can be put together with the wrench, hammer, and screwdriver, all ideal sizes for smaller hands. It's all packed into a tote with a handle for the tradesman who enjoys taking his tools with him!

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Excavate a Prehistoric Reptile Skeleton 

Dinosaur fossil dig kits are fun solo activities-some customers have mentioned they’re also a fun activity for a birthday party or play date. With these kits, amateur paleontologists will excavate a dinosaur skeleton from a mound of clay that represents the earth and have a prehistoric reptile keepsake.

Kits include:

Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton Velociraptor

Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton Triceratops

Dig a Mammoth Skeleton

Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton Pterosaur

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Irresistible Folkmanis Puppets 

Folkmanis creates a menagerie of incredibley realistic puppets in a wide range of species! Folkmanis puppets include plush animal hand puppets in various sizes as well as finger puppets. Some even have built in mechanisms to move certain facial features. Guaranteed this is one of the most played-in sections of the store!

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School Zone Educational Activity Books


Fun Activity Books Support Most Curriculums

School Zone activity books include materials for supporting toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school kids in math, reading, spelling, and more. There are plenty of options inline with today’s curriculums to help different learning levels learn and grow in school with lots of fun activities packed into books of all levels.

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Ha! Ha! Moustache

 A Fun & Hilarious Party Game

If you think you can name some of the most famous moustaches out there (or just think it would be fun trying to guess), Ha! Ha! Moustache is the game for you. Easy rules come with 52 different moustache cards. Pull a card out, hold it up to your face and let the guessing begin - handlebar, pencil, fu manchu? There's just a few to start. Another bonus is the package is small and easy to tote around to parties. There are three editions: Living People, Dead People, & Awful People.

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Catseye London

Standout, eye-catching, “functional and fashionable”….just a few words to describe the Catseye London collection of coin purses, makeup bags, washbags and eyeglass cases.

Collections include:
Canine Cuties
Kitty Cats
Pug Love
Glamorous Girls

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